April 1, 2006

Birth Announcements For Little Rockers

rattle_n_roll_announcement.jpgYou may know him best from his work with such bands as Cattle Decapitation and Vegitation, and with the now-legendary 2002 Oops! The Tour, sort of a return to the days when Lollapalooza was real, before they totally sold it out to The Man.

Now San Diego graphic designer, music scene photographer, and rock concert poster-meister Ryan Loyko and his wife Andrea have launched a family business called Rattle-N-Roll. The idea came after their son was born--or more precisely, after their son's gig poster-style birth announcement turned out so *#$&%)in' AWESOME.

They realized that, what with rockers and scenesters and music aficionados of all kinds having kids now, but not wanting to give up the cutting edge, hardcore culture of their younger days, there was a huge need for birth announcements that didn't have ducks and bows on them. [To their tremendous credit, they noticed this years before New York Magazine did.]

Anyway, R-N-R's announcements are created using your little rocker's picture and digits [or as they put it, "1. You email photo. 2. We draw kid."] and they're printed on 8.5x5.5-in. white cardstock and can have text printed on the back as well. Full-on custom jobs for any occasion you can think of are also available. They're $225 for 50 and $300 for 100 (with envelopes and shipping). Posters are 2 for $125. Rock on, brah.

Rattle-N-Roll gig poster-style birth announcements [rattle-n-roll.com via bloggingbaby]
Previously: other graphic designer/new dad recognizes need for movie poster-style birth announcements, starts company.

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These are unbelievably awesome. I am most definitely looking into getting posters made for both of my kids. Got to find out if they can do these from regular photos as older child was born before the digital wave.

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