March 31, 2006

And To Think That Dutch Saw It On Clement Street


Whoa, I mean, whoa.

This flickr photoset that Dutch and Wood took along San Francisco's Clement St--It's somewhere between Chinatown, Russian Mafiatown, and Mos Eisley, from what I can tell- is like warpedest Bugaboo Daytrip EVER.

AND a good source of canned Thai pigeon meat to boot, so it's win-win!

The Clement Street Adventure
[sweetjuniper's flickr photoset]


Clement street is really one of the best parts of San Francisco that few tourists ever see, all contained in 11 short blocks. The first four blocks have a distinctly "french" character, with 3-4 French style houseware boutiques (one store only carries items that the owner hand picks in Paris and ships back to the states) and a pretty good restaurant (Clementine's), its sister bistro, a French baby clothes store ($$$), a French bakery, and a vietnamese place called "le soleil." The next few blocks are a hodgepodge of Asian groceries, dim sum takeaways, Asian fast food, Russian thrift stores, and junk shops. Also: one of the best old-school pizza parlors (Georgio's: with the painfully cute 20-year-old waitresses and a stack of 45 high chairs that are all in use from 5:00 to 7:00 GREAT FOR KIDS) and the best dessert cafe in the city (Toy Boat, another great one for kids) and absolutely the best bookstore on the planet (Green Apple). There's also the best bar in the city for Irish trad (plough in the stars), the best trivia night (the bitter end), and a kickass off the mission hipster's radar hipster bar (the 540 club), and then tons of the kind of Russian/Asian stuff you see in the slideshow. Oh, and there's an overrated Burmese restaurant full of hipsters and Judds every night of the week (Burma Super Star).

oh, and there's a store that sells bugaboos on Clement too, to complete the daddytypes experience. . .

[Judd. You can totally get it from the context, but it's worth it to go back and read it. -ed.]

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