March 30, 2006

What's This NASCAR I've Heard So Much About?

So I was here on the East Coast, taking a break from the endless debate my old Ivy League chums and I have on the merits of summering--Hamptons vs. Vineyard, helicopter from 34th St vs. NetJets from Teterboro, you know the drill--when I read on the West Coast-based tech-elite blog, BoingBoing, that there's some new brand called NASCAR which makes, get this: packaged meat, potatoes, laptops, AND chainsaws. Wow, gotta look into that sometime, I thought. Such a diverse company must have a division making baby-related gear somewhere.

nascar_romper.jpgTurns out they do, but they're pretty conventional. There are logo- and graphic-covered Onesies and rompers [which, judging from the pictures, are to Onesies what boxer briefs are to tighty whities; nice to have that finally cleared up] and booties and bibs and hats--including one of those mullet-shaped hats with the backflaps--and one sippy cup.

And while there are some bedroom decorations, they look pretty cheap and targeted at school-age kids, not little kids...But it appears they don't make strollers, and they don't make baby carriers or diaper bags, either.

So I asked my dad in Raleigh if he'd heard of this NASCAR, and he goes, "Oh, sure. We go all the time. In fact, you gave us a NASCAR picnic set for Christmas a few years back, and we take that in the Lexus."

"But I thought that was for the symphony in the park."

"Well, symphony at the speedway, sure. Down by Charlotte, there's a--"

I stopped him. "Charlotte? As in Charlotte Motor Speedway?"


"Does this have something to do with Richard Petty?"

"Sure he is, Greg. He's the granddaddy of NASCAR"

And suddenly everything's all Jimmy Dean sausage and Krispy Kreme church fundraisers all over again.

"Well, damn, Negro, that's all you had to say!"

Uncomfortable silence. "But there aren't any Negros in NASCAR, son, And anyway, I think it's better to say 'African American' now."

Buy a bunch of NASCAR-branded baby clothes at []
Moment of adversynergy zen: NASCAR-branded meat [boingboing]
There's a toothbrush, but for now, If you want a Petty Racing Onesie, you'll have to make it yourself. []


Formula Onesie

They do make a NASCAR carseat/stroller cover that makes it look like your kid is driving a mini car. Easy to locate online and available at the local Target and on their website.

I had thought that I had seen a cheap nascar umbrella stroller along the way but now I can not locate it.

[that would, of course, be the Crown Craft NASCAR Baby Cover-Up, which features the currently unused #53--unused if you don't count Herbie The Love Bug, that is--and which retails for $27.99 at the NASCAR store. Thanks for pointing out my laziness. -ed.]

So, can I assume that you're actually from NC? I never knew.

I'm from "down east" myself...Wil(t)son to be exact.

I hate NACSAR, though. Rally and Grand Prix are so much more interesting than turning left all the time.

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