March 30, 2006

Sonogram Cookies: "Well, Listen Up, Sonny Jim: I Ate A Baby."


Now the baby can get into your belly, too. These "white chocolate-enrobed" graham crackers feature a picture of your sonogram printed in edible ink and framed with sprinkles.

The box of 8 is $18.50, allow five days from the receipt of the photo [ via dt reader kaz]
related: I'm still haunted by AJ's Fetal Keepsake Roundup at Thingamababy [thingamababy]


The photo cookies don't appear to be limited to sonograms! For $18 I can put my baby's face on a sheet of U.S. postage stamps (, then scan a stamp and for another $18.50 have the stamp made into cookies and then mail the photo cookies to Gramma using my photo stamps.

Maybe I'll just take a picture of myself and make that photo into a cookie and then take a picture of myself eating the cookified me and have THAT made into a cookie.

This is a troubling development. We have taken technology too far.

[see, I had looked around for a stamp with a sonogram on it and couldn't find one. Now that I go back to the photostamps page, I think the combo of ultrasound and barcode is the killer app. Maybe we haven't gone far enough. -ed.]

Whenever I see a picture of a developing fetus I think the same thing: yummy.

Just what I need, another reason to avoid baby showers. Thanks!

I'm sure these are just delicious with a side of Placenta Pate.

I just purchased the most amazing Baby Shower Favor Cookies for my sister from a company called Lady Fortunes. They can put any image on a cookie -we put my sister's photo when she was a baby and it was too cute!I would check it out especially since they can ship your order the same day. They're really helpful too.

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