March 29, 2006

Whoa. Hallucinating Breasts While Driving


On the NJ Turnpike this afternoon, I swear I passed a woman who was nursing a baby while driving a minivan, but when I slowed back down to get confirmation, her car was nowhere to be seen.

I need some sleep. More posts on Thursday.

[update: And I can't believe it took me two days to come up with the obvious headline for this post.]


Britney's in Jersey?

This sort of thing does happen. I am a flight nurse who picked up a 2 month old baby that was involved in a horrible car accident when his mother was breatfeeding at the wheel... she had the balls tell us not to judge her, that it was her right to breastfeed her child when she sees fit. I saw red for about two hours after that one.

You breast get that checked out.

Umm... what would Freud have to say about this?

I also often catch myself hallucinating about breasts...

That's funny. I hadn't even heard of that movie until last week when I saw it on TV. I can't believe Bill Cosby starred in that.

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