March 28, 2006

Smart Ass Comment Permissibility Graph - DRAFT

Smart_ass_safety_graph.jpg, courtesy of

If only I'd seen Garrett's graph a day ago. As readers of Daddyzine know, Garrett's got four years of parenting experience under his belt; a full 100% more than I do. And he's distilled it all into one simple graph, explaining when it's fine to make smart-ass remarks to other parents and about what topics.

I went ahead and added a couple of other datapoints myself [note to would-be funny guys: ix-nay on the, um, episiotomy-say.]

This brings us one small step closer to a parental nirvana: a definitive guide to the glories, challenges, and action items of modern day fatherhood, conveniently presented in PowerPoint format. Have at it, cube farmers!


So let me get this straight. Are you saying that there are actually times when it's inappropriate to be a smart ass? If that were true, it sure would explain a lot.

[remember, it's just a draft at this point. -ed.]

I would actually put sleeping much higher up on the y axis. I find that the whole "cry it out" versus "attachment parenting" divide is hard to cross with humor and better left alone.

[lol, how quickly I forget. I was just remembering my own favorite second question when I meet dads w/newborn, which is, "How's the sleeping?" and then something about how they never sleep. And since men are excluded from AP, well, that subject never comes up... -ed.]

I agree with Kate - could you do some really cool 3D graphics and get the whole Attachment vs. Babywise plotted too? That's where I always (fall into the pit.

now i'm not the most ignorant father in the world but i hadn't heard the word episiotomy until you mentioned it here. maybe it had to do with the fact we knew we were having a c-section from the get-go due to health complications.

so here's a tip to any other dads out there who don't know what that word means.

don't google search it at work. that's all i'm saying.

[you can use the search box on DT; the search results have excerpts and no images. -ed.]

I haven't learned this much from a graph since economics in college.

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