March 28, 2006

It Took $8 Worth Of Quarters To Win Him Back


A 3-year-old kid climbed up the chute and got himself stuck in one of those "grab a toy with a claw" games at a Godfather's Pizza in Minnesota.

The kid didn't seem to mind, and I guess the parents now knew where he was, so nobody made much fuss; they just stood around taking pictures of him until the fire department finished up their dinner and moseyed on over. Which sounds SO Minnesotan.

Boy gets caught in toy-filled 'claw' machine [ via dt reader ponch]


that's the town where spam comes from "doncha know"

The Claw is our master. It decides who will go and who will stay.

What kills me about this situation is that this kid STILL in his footie pajamas in the middle of the day at a WalMart.... need I say more? Oh yeah, I guess I can... were's the peri-oral Kool-Aid stains and are the footie pajamas designed to hide the dirty feet?

My wife used to work in a large play-land/day-care center (also in MN) that doubled as hourly play for the local hotel/casino complex. One day, one of the young kids managed to crawl up into the machine and was handing out all the toys to all the other kids in the place. He was a popular kid that day amongst his peers.

What's really sad is that this isn't the first time this has happened at a WalMart. I have a very vivid memory of an almost identical story from a few years ago.

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