March 28, 2006

Bigfoot Spotted: On A Onesie!


I don't know, I've seen a lot of Bigfoot photos in my day, and I think this one is a hoax.

Sure enough, Amy Miller has confessed to fabricating the Bigfoot from scavenged doll parts, then photographing it, then tweaking her photograph to appear more authentic.

What's apparently real is that she's selling the Onesies [check Amy's site for irrefutable photo evidence of the Gerber baby head on the label] with her fabricated cryptozoological graphics for $20 all in, on her new hipster baby T blog called, appropriately, Hipster Baby T's. Also available now: mothman and the giant squid. Chupacabra & friends are coming soon.

baby-sized bigfoot bodysuit, $20 [, thanks to boingboing's master debunker david]

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