March 25, 2006

Histoire de Perlette: A Day In The Life Of A French Waterdrop

perlette.jpgHistoire de Perlette was published in 1936 by Flammarion. It's basically the illustrated life cycle of a water droplet, from morning dew to beachfront evaporation. Bˆ©atrice Appia's artwork is beautiful; although the style is totally different, the waterdrops hanging out together remind me of Billy Blob's Sundance-winning Flash movie, Karma Ghost.

When we got to the last page, where I had to try and make evaporation not sound too much like obliteration, I realized this was like Itsy Bitsy Spider: The Rain's Untold Story

The only downside to all this computer-based kidertainment is that it just feeds the kid's sense of ownership of my keyboard. I should probably be pacing myself a bit better.

Histoire de Perlette
[via bibliodyssey]

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My daughter (20 mos) points at the latop (Mac, of course) and says, "Daddy's!". I ask her, "which one is 's?" and she points at the desktop Mac.

She already will sit in the chair next to me when I am on the Mac and will pretend to type and use the mouse on the PC next to it (gotta dust that thing off one of these days).

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