March 21, 2006

Las Vegas and Babies: Make'em There, But Don't Take'em There

Looks like the Wynn Casino in Las Vegas is still banning strollers on the premises, except for registered guests.

Wynn Bans Baby Strollers
[hotelchatter via hotelchatter's juliana]
previously: Whatever Happens In Las Vegas, The Stroller Stays In The Car


Bugaboos, however, are welcome. It's just those cheapo umbrella strollers that don't gel with the brand image.

While I agree that this rule is dumb... I still don't understand why people would WANT to take their kids to the Wynn in the first place. The Wynn is really just a high roller joint with no real appeal to "common folk." You're better off taking the whole family to a more fun location (with table minimums under $50!).

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