March 20, 2006

Other Daddies Typing [At Dadcentric]

Wherein I point out a couple of sweet posts of late in a feeble attempt to assuage my guilt and deflect any criticism for not posting anything lately at the site I've been so generously invited to participate in:

  • Oh wait, Dadcentric Jason [not to be confused with Rice Daddies Jason; I'm sure Jasons of a certain age, are used to this kind of thing, though] is declaring the Daddy Wars officially open for biznazz. Pack the Bugaboos with formula made only with filtered water and--oh crap, run, cuz he's gonna mow you down, you yuppie tool! [Begun, The Daddy War Has]
  • Crouton Boy realizes that those creepy Boohbah dolls don't look like Teletubbies at all; they look like balls. Giant fuzzy balls that your child is being taught to play with. Can't quite tell what that info does to this old post about Parsons students being taught to skinning a Boohbah alive... [Ummm...I Don't Mean to Alarm Anybody, but...]
  • Looks like some mai tais deserve the credit for busting this whole Boohbah scandal. Crouton Boy and Crouton Girl dropped their 7-mo daughter off at Grandma's for a few days and hit the beach. Which freaked out the friends for some reason. Me, I got no problem at all with giving the kid a little Quality Time with Grandma, even if it doesn't result in such important research. [pina colada, splash of guilt]

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    i'm another daddie typing - though i don't really qualify as a new daddie, having 3 kids.

    i like the feel of daddy types - there are so many angry moms out there, it's good to see a place for guys!

    good job.

    [you mean "for guys to get pissed off about how they used to have such a blast before those damn kids came along, and now they're driving a minivan and ---" oh, wait. Never mind. as you were. -ed.]

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