March 19, 2006

Other Daddies Typing: No St. Patrick's Edition

A roundup of sober posts, observations, and experiences from the dadblogosphere:

  • A 24-yo baby daddy of two in Pittsburgh, Anwan Wesley is putting the 'hood in fatherhood. Or the father in the 'hood. Or--whatever, the man's publishing a magazine for "young, urban dads" called Fatherhood Magazine. Local press has a couple of interviews, but I'm not seeing any deets. Brother needs to get himself a web presence. [via bloggingbaby]
  • Nice get, Isabelle. Matthew from Defective Yeti reviewed Meltdown!, a new CD from "kids music that parents can stand" veteran Justin Roberts. Namechecked in the article: TMBG, Paul Simon, Death Cab For Cutie, "American Clogger." [alphamom via bloggingbaby]
  • In an interview at Blogging Baby, Ben Macneill explains why Tracking is not just for Trixie anymore. [bloggingbaby]
  • To seem slightly less metrosexual, Metrodad discusses children's hair product with his even more metrosexual friend. Pot, kettle, kettle, pot, baby. Like I got any room to talk. [metrodad]
  • You know how I taught the kid that her Christmas necklaces were from Tibet. "And where's Tibet, honey?" "Next to China." "That's right."? Peldi finds himself slipping some new verses, complete with political history lessons, into "The Wheels On The Bus." The difference is, he'll still be able to do business in Beijing. [patatamonkey]
  • Looks like Rebel Dad is the last man standing in the so-called "Mommy Wars." The prize: he registered Expect a whirlwind publicity tour of TV talk shows filled with unrealistic, artificial, and incendiary claptrap designed solely to piss you off and sell his book soon. [rebeldad]
  • But who'll think of the TV producers? Without artificial confrontation over parenting, what'll happen to them? Oxygen! TV! cancelled their he-said/she-said Opinionated Parenting! blog. And Laid-Off Dad is once again laid off. [laidoffdad]
  • And so it comes full circle: conflict-addicted TV producers set upon a young urban dad trying to do right by his kids. Jason previewed the embarassment that is last week's installment of Nanny 911!. These TV people are a threat to our American Way Of Life and must be stopped. [rice daddies]

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