March 18, 2006

Unidentified Local Man [Poss. Michael Moore's Manny] Drives Mountain Buggy


I'm assuming People Magazine ran this photo because in this pose, the kid bears an uncanny ressemblance to angry, baseball-cap-wearing filmmaker Michael Moore. The stroller, meanwhile, bears an uncanny ressemblance to the discontinued black 2005 Mountain Buggy Urban Single, which is currently on closeout for $348 at [while supplies last, so don't throw a phone at me if your color is gone.]

Mountain Buggy Urban Single 2005, closeout $347.99 []

[update: a reader points out that the logo on little Mikey Moore's baseball cap is from Cinderella Man.]

1 Comment

the kid is wearing the cinderella man cap because he's the son of russell crowe, otherwise known as the man(ny) pushing the stroller.

[... -ed.]

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