March 18, 2006

Turn A Stokke Kinderzeat Into A Slide


If you ever wondered what the impact of the US's liability insurance regime might be on innovation and kids' furniture design, look no further than the German design studio who made an aftermarket slide attachment for the Stokke Kinderzeat [or Tripp Trapp, as it's known in Europe].

Of course, it's not just lawsuits. Unlike the US market, Stokkes have been around in Europe for nearly 35 years and have a huge install base; they're so solid, there must be thousands of outgrown Tripp Trapps stuffed into the attics and basements of Europe, practically begging for creative reuse.

Meanwhile, some American litigator is looking at that thing and seeing a way to fund his kids all the way through Dartmouth.

Kinderrutsche by Michael Koenig at Kaether & Weise [ via jan at]
Previously: we heart our Kinderzeat

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