March 17, 2006

The Boy In The Plastic Timeout Bubble

tizzy_tube.jpgThe blog for Make magazine has a recap of ABC's American Inventor, yet another reality TV show. Except for the edible snow globe (made of jelly beans and, what, coconut flakes?), it's all pretty embarassing. And then there's the Tizzy Tube. Un-freaking-believable. You put a giant bubblewrap-looking tube on your kid when he has a tantrum. It's like the deep freeze on Austin Powers, or the prison in Minority Report.

Can you imagine what the foreign policy would be like for a country run by a generation of adults who'd been stuffed into tubes by their parents? Without knowing it, the judges of American Inventor may have just averted the US carpetbombing and invasion of Canada in 2056. You're welcome, Canada.

American Inventor - Live blog, full recap! [makezine via boingboing]


While I believe that a parent should not hesitate to give their child something to talk to their future therapist about (as long as it serves the interest of the childs development), that bubble thing is way over the top. It just seems so psychologically damaging; my inner child is crying itself to sleep, just imagining that bubble thing.

From a Canadian - if the judges have indeed averted a future invasion of our country by showing the Tizzy Tube inventor the door, then thank you!

Maybe they've averted the building of a brightly-colored bubblewrap wall along what is now the world's longest undefended border?

Hey - maybe if GWB had grown up in a Tizzy Tube environment, he'd have bubblewrapped Iraq instead of invading.

[I think you mean "world's longest wide open threat to National Security," but I get your point. Americans will only sleep soundly when Canada's safely bubblewrapped into submission. -ed.]

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