March 17, 2006

Boon Wants To Get This Potty Started

boon_potty.jpgIt is now clear that the parent-designers at Boon have a plan for world domination, and that it starts by taking over your kid's bathroom. Their Frog Pod bathtub toy scoop/storage/water dumping invention garnered a lot of praise when it launched last year; but a kid can only bathe so many times/day. With their new Potty Bench, which hits the market April 15, they're clearly seeking much more of what MBA types call "share of bathroom."

The Potty Bench is-- you know what, it's well-named, that's what it is. It's both a potty AND a bench. And it is designed to park right in front of the sink, a nice all-in-one solution. It even has side compartments so the kid can have his own roll of toilet paper and his own stack of People magazines. No word on pricing yet, but if all goes according to Boon's plan, they'll have more "share of bathroom wallet," soon, too.

Boon Potty Bench will be at Target from 4/15 [ via mocoloco]


I love it, and the site is lovely. Though, I must say, the picture of the mom sitting on the bench made me do a doubletake.

I can't get behind (pun intended) a potty. Get the kid on the toilet. Skip the whole potty thing. It's less to clean and there's no transition.

And the frog kind of sucks. Either you drill it into the tile or hope it holds with the lame adhesive provided. It fell off the wall and now is propped against a wall - holding nothing.

Every kid is different when it comes to potty training - some respond much better to a potty chair than to the toilet. We found that in the early potty training days that the few seconds it takes to get the foot stool in place in front of the toilet could be just enough to cause an accident on the floor... so we found a potty seat very helpful at first. Also - I don't doubt your experience, but our Frog Pod has been stuck to the shower wall since November with no sign of it loosening or falling.

These are now on clearance at my local Target (Sunnyvale, CA) for about $15.

I found this on clearance at my Target for about $20.

Has anyone tried it yet?

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