March 13, 2006

With Rocking Chairs All In A Row

It's nice to have some order in your life, and we have to give the kid props, because she's been mostly sleeping through the night since she was like 6 weeks old, but still. She's been showing some signs of really taking the obsession thing a bit too far:

First off, she has a couple of phrases that she manages to spit out ad nauseam [and without breathing], as if they were one long German word: "getalittlebitolderalittlebitbiggereatnutslikedaddy," is one, "getalittlewarmerfindanotherswimclasslikeoneatswimmingpoolbygrandmashouse."

llbean_rocker.jpgThe latter is usually accompanied by her insisting on wearing a swimsuit around the house and carrying the others in her fist. They don't go outside, but they get a "goodbye" and a "hello!" when we leave them on the chair. And they often accompany her to bed.

She loves arranging chairs into a line. When she first did it at Ikea, I thought it was a cute anomaly. [She lined up all the chairs in the children's play/shopping area, then started telling other kids to sit in this or that chair.] But then the other day, at a quick stop at the LL Bean outlet [except for Chick-fil-a, the only good thing about driving instead of training it between DC and NYC], I looked over, and she had lined up seven children's shaker-style rockers in the window.

It's getting a little unnerving, like when Homer walked into the daycare center, and all the kids were totally silent, perched, The Birds-like, around the room with pacifiers in their mouths.


She's playing train or car or airplane. Lucas does that thing with the chairs all the time.

Is she also offering them pretzels (since peanuts are out)and waving "Buh Bye" to them?

If Delta's around in 18 years, I think they might have an opening....

That was the Ayn Rand daycare, if I remember correctly (with Frank Lloyd Wright interiors.)

[oh great, my kid's going to grow up to be fed chairman. -ed.]

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