March 12, 2006

Would You Get Your Kid A TV? How About A Plush TV?

hannspree_plush_tv.jpgThe whole flatscreen revolution means companies are sticking TV's in all kinds of places. Since only 26% of kids ages 0-2 have TV's in their rooms, the nursery is a prime growth market. Which is why the Taiwanese manufacturer Hannspree has introduced plush LCD TV's in at least 10 animal varieties. My favorite is--who am I kidding? I do not have a favorite. I think cuddly TV's are kind of creepy, to be honest.

Hannspree 10" LCD plush TV's are MSRP $449, although Amazon/Target has some for $249 and $299 [amazon]
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Kaiser studies media and kids 0-6. Conclusion: YOW.


Wow, thats truly disturbing. Does a child really need to have a TV in their own room? That seems lazy and irresponsible to me. I can imagine walking in and seeing little Ferdinand cuddling up to the TV and saying to mommy and daddy it shows me thingsĶit talks to meĶ then drooling on the screen, which should be a zebras body. Does anyone reading this put a TV in your childs room? If so, why?

2* in fact. Multiple reasons:

- you think people multitask now? In 20 years forget about it. If little Ferdy can't handle 2 tv's when he's an infant, what he's going to do when psy-bombastic messages will be the only way he can handle a job in the future?

- When my kid fires your kid from his job because he can't handle said psy-bombastic messages, then I can slam you anti-tv rhetoric into the groud.

- I like the way they zombie out when the tube is on. Very relaxing, stop being a hard ass and try it.


1 plasma, 1 crt (so he can learn how the "old" people used to watch)

[this is awesome, but I hope your kid checks with his Mandarin-speaking nanny-raised overlords before making any personnel decisions. -ed.]

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