March 10, 2006

Oeuf Changing Table: Nice, But How To Get It Home?

oeuf_changing_table.gifMichael and Sophie are really doing a great job with Oeuf, I think; it was right after the kid was born that they showed up in quick succession with a sweet-looking bouncy chair, some cool duds, and then the Oeuf Crib. It was a little too late for us, but it seems like it's staked a nice claim to the modernist nurseries out there. The Toddler Bed conversion kit is another thoughtful move; I love how you can almost track the new product intros against their own hands-on parenting experience. [Be sure to thank the little Oeuflettes for their product testing services.]

Anyway, the Oeuf Changing Table/Dresser is obviously intended to be an option for someone seeking a more complete, Showroom Showdown-style nursery set, not just a few good pieces. It accommodates their optional cribtop changing table station, which also fits on the crib.

At $870 retail, it's well within the range of a well-designed piece of casement furniture; the only question is, how to get it home? Shipping requirements for such a big, already-assembled rig can run from $100, 160, 200, even $300, depending on the outlet and the service level.

Not that there's anything similar at Ikea, of course, but it does give you one good estimate of what the roof of your car, your back, and your Saturday afternoon is worth in the retail market.

Oeuf Changing Table/Dresser is available online at Sparkability, Modernseed, and Babygeared.
Get the Oeuf Experience at their site []
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Shipping idea:
They have free shipping on everything, including furniture. They carry just about everything you'll find at modernseed. I've ordered a rocking horse from them and it came in about two days. No idea how long a large piece of furniture would take.

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