March 9, 2006

Kylie Minogue To Put Out Children's Book

Singer/gay icon Kylie Minogue is working on a children's book. The Guardian gives a tantalizing preview of the book, titled, Showgirl Princess, which is due in September:

It tells the story of Kylie, whose dream of becoming a showgirl princess comes true with the help of the people around her, and features photos of the star that were taken by her longtime collaborator and confidante William Baker. The hardcover will cost 12.99 and is aimed at children aged six and up although it should also appeal to her more mature fans.
Wow, it sounds positively magical. But can it ever be as good as that other children's classic "for little girls who dream of dressing up and going on stage," Showgirls by Nomi Malone?

I should be so literary... [guardian]


Are you sure it's for, um, children?

[which one? Kylie's definitely is. I haven't actually seen a copy of Nomi's yet... -ed.]

A bunch of images of Kylie that doesn't force you to listen to her music? Forget the kids, this is going to be a hit with dads... :)

[lolol -ed.]

Seeing as she is unmatched in her songwriting prowess, I'm very reluctantly awaiting the arrival of her book to my neck of the woods.

Hopefully it won't be covered in body glitter and chiffon.

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