March 8, 2006

Travel Today, Bed Tomorrow

One factor that might contribute to the in-car puking: snot. [sorry, should I have set this topic up a little better?] When the kid sits back in her car seat with a runny nose, and that runs down her throat, it can exacerbate her throwing up. Just a heads up (and an antihistamine ready). To her credit, though, she has gotten pretty good about maintaining her composure while she sits there covered in her curds and whey.

Anyway, the car seat cover's drying on the radiator; it'll be ready in time to go to Brooklyn for the final stages of the DT DIM [Design It Myself] Crib-to-Todder Bed construction. It's been a long time since we cut the wood for this thing, and it's sat nearly finished at the woodworking shop for a couple of [yow] three months to the day, waiting for some final decisions on joinery. It's gonna be pretty solid, and though it'll travel well initially--I designed it to be flatpack-able--clean, invisible, strong hardware that still lets us disassemble it again some day is proving to be a challenge.

Stay tuned, and maybe watch for a pic or two.


That sounds like a very interesting theory, but please don't invite me to be part of the testing to prove it.

We had a long car trip that involved Little Mary Sunshine covering the entire back of the car, Exorcist-esque, right before we arrived to meet Grandma, the brother in law and the new wife. Oy. The pharmacist said it was all snot-based, and to stay away from all milk products for a while. I didn't listen, gave her a bottle with (cow) milk as we were pulling out of town, and got to enjoy the entire 6 hour drive home covered in snot-based puke.

Just as an fyi - antihistimines like Benadryl can help kids with motion sickness - our ped told us the chemical make up is very similar to dramamine and since there is no longer a kid's dramamine in the states, you can try benadryl instead.

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