March 7, 2006


likeabike_jumper.jpgProbably because of the explosion of competition in the "pedal-less walk-along bike-like contraption for toddlers" market segment, Likeabike has added an all-aluminum model, the Likeabike Jumper, that comes with big 12" inflated tires and weighs just 8 lbs. It's available in green or orange.

Fortunately, like the original Likeabike, it thoroughly trounces the competitors with a price that can't be beat--as long as you're competing for "most expensive," that is. On the other hand, it's here, and 95% of the other knockoff brands are still just toddling around in Germany somewhere.

The LIKEaBIKE Jumper, $245 at Modern Child []
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LikeABike, Extreme Retro Bike From Germany


Is it just me ... or is this over-engineering something that should be very simple ... rather then spending such a small fortune for a little bike ... can one just buy a very small regular bicycle, and take off the peddles and chain. Granted, that will likely take about 15 minutes of time and may require getting one's hands slightly greasy, but even if you can't figure out how to put it back together when the little one is ready for pedals, you would still have saved some dough ... am I missing something here?

Yes, Eric, you are totally missing it. Like most things the genuine is not easily imitated by a make-do copy. We came across LIKEaBIKE here in Australia when my eldest boy was 2 1/2 and he hasn't gotten off it since. His confidence and skills are still developing even though he mastered the LIKEaBIKE thing within days over 12 months ago. Taking the pedals off a conventional bike will just not do it. LIKE a BIKE has thought of everything such as felt inserts which prevents a child from oversteering and the thing is so light kids can carry it around themselves or it can be thrown on the back seat of the car, on top of the pram if you have a younger child in one etc etc. I could go on. Our LIKE a BIKE was worth every cent. Available in Australia at

Actually, the concept of removing the cranks and pedals would suffice quite well (and save you $200 - $300).

That said, the LikeABike is a very nice looking bike. In it's price range, though, it is not the best product on the market. That title goes to BMW, who makes a beautiful version that transforms into a real pedal bike...something the Likeabike does not do. The BMW runs just under $300. If you can justify paying so much money for a product that should cost around $50, then get the BMW version.

[good point, which I forgot about since last summer. or try this link if that one doesn't work. -ed.]

LikeBike its very nice bike, but my children's like more the BugaBike for the new colors. Look this here's a like-a-bike knockoff roundup

I had a look at the australian web page but they only seem to have the wooden like a bikes.

We got a jd bug trainer bike from Taiwan which is aluminium and is really nice and a lot cheaper than the like a bike, it also has a rear hub brake. What it lacks is a proper headset, it has bushings rather than a bearing. It doesn't seem to bother my kids, but I know if I ride a bike with the headset out of adjustment its horrible to ride, so would like to be able to give them the benefit of proper bearings too. Just not sure its worth tripling the price of the bike.

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