March 5, 2006

Other Daddies Typing: Oscar-Avoiding Edition

A list of highlights from other blogging dads out there that's as comprehensive as my knowledge of parenting [*cough cough*]:

  • You can't pick your kids, but you can pick their noses. And you can brush their teeth. Adventuredad has a pearly, shiny white set of tips for helping the kid learn to brush his tooth/teeth. [TheBlogfathers]
  • BIYF/Allan has posted a link to a Little Britain-funny method for dealing with tantrums [TheBlogfathers]
  • Which it sounds like MetroDad could use right now. Actually, I wouldn't be surprised if he's tried it already. [metrodad]
  • Are you back? You didn't go, did you? GO.
  • Lleyton Hewitt names kid Mia, rest of Australia follows suit. New national song to come? [bloggingbaby, by non-dad Karen, btw]
  • Either The Mommyblogging is all about over-competitive parents, or The Canadian Sense of Humor is all about biting sarcasm. Sorry, Canada, but most new parents' hormones and nerves are too out of whack to tell the difference. Also, there appear to be no dads in Canada. What do you do in winter? [globeandmail via bloggingbaby's Melissa, also a non-dad]
  • So some Missouri parents demand that gay penguin family tale And Tango Makes Three be moved to the non-fiction section? Good, because it's based on a true story about something that happens in nature. [bloggingbaby's melissa again]
  • Melissa Melissa Melissa. While she was traveling to Europe, her husband cleaned up the kid's 2AM, Exorcist-scale puke. Even rented a carpetshampooer. Then he waited to tell her so he wouldn't ruin her trip. Behind every great momblogger... [bloggingbaby]
  • Dutch's post about GTWD's [Go To Work Dads] has so many important-to-read links and responses in it, just go. GO. I'll wait. [bloggingbaby]
  • Fine, I'll link to Working Day Dad myself. [workingdaydad]
  • MetroDad, F-Bomb, Poppa Large, and some other Asian dudes I don't know have started a groupblog called Rice Daddies. If any Asian groupies wanna join me, I'm registering right now. [MetroDad]
  • You get the Netto, you get the Bugaboo. Now you get the second kid on the way, and you need a bassinet. Modern Day Dad rubs his eyes at the next wave of high-design purchases. [Modern Day Dad]
  • Whether it's Drugs, Terrorism, Iraq, or Mommy, nothing moves book sales like fabricated cries to war. Battlescarred vet Rebel Dad lifts his weary bones out of his chair to fight the phony Mommy Wars again. [RebelDad, and this one, too]
  • Hi! If you're visiting from little H-Bomb's daycare center, I'm pretty sure Eric almost certainly didn't buy that croissant and fruit salad for his kid's lunch at Starbuck's; the man's a trained chef, for Pete's sake. [morediapers]
  • Hot Celebrity Dad Takes Shirt Off For Mothering Magazine. Actually, he did it for his kid. Kangaroo care, dontcha know? But with all the magazines and a blog comment from Craig [of Craigslist? People?!], I might have to start clearing these links with Odin's publicist []
  • First, Dutch throws out Whitman and the original Greek as he brags about Sweet Juniper's advanced vocabulary. Then, he busts himself for sounding like the kind of braggart parent he hates, AND he gives himself a favorable Revenge of the Nerds reference. I call that win-win-win. [sweet juniper]
  • And finally, something dear to my own daddying heart, camo. Camo Camo Camo. AJ as some awesome links for camo and military baby clothes. [thingamababy]


    Greg, I don't read it regularly, but there is Canadian Dad

    You know, I've been wanting to start a blogging canadian dad site for ages, but I'm too damn busy... maybe a "" type effort with a few dads posting?

    Um, you may want to fix the link in that last comment... er, not like I code HTML for a living or anything... d-oh!

    [done, I usually add a tag to make links open in a new window anyway. -ed]

    cam c I'm up for that. I tried to daddyblog for a while, but the rest of my life kept crowding in. If I had a place to (cross)post the occasional daddy related dealy (like one a week mb).

    Cool... now all we need is a few more Canadian dads named "Cameron" and we're ready to go! :)

    Seriously, give me a month; I have an open source content manager project I'm just finishing up for a client... could easily be adapted to a multi-user blogging engine. Mail me if you like so I have your info!

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