March 4, 2006

Hot! Top Picks At Consumer Reports Include Daddy-Type Cars

Consumer Reports has issued their Top Picks for 2006 evaluation of over 200 cars in 10 different categories. Ignoring minivans for the moment--because deep down, aren't we trying to avoid minivans here? Yes, yes we are--Daddy Type cars have landed in the top of three daddy-type categories:

Small SUV: Subaru Forester
Mid-size SUV: Toyota Highland Hybrid
Pickup: Honda Ridgeline

I would mention "Green car: Toyota Prius," but if you drive a Prius, you already feel so damn good about yourself, any more compliments will make you insufferable. I will praise your car-buying acumen if, say, you separate my trash for me, though.

Consumer Reports Top Picks For 2006 [ via consumerist]
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Subaru Tribeca prompts calls for the Subaru ParkSlope
Remember, the Ridgeline started as a concept car for "cool dads"

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So I went from best small SUV, to best mid-sized SUV - woo hoo! I just took a 1k mile roundtrip with the little one this past weekend, so I have some good observations to share ... at another time.

ps - my wife has the best green car, too!

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