March 3, 2006

First Nick & Jessica, Now Amazon & Toys R Us?

They had a deal, see, and so when Amazon started seeing other [toyselling] people, Toys R Us got all jealous and mad, especially about that $200 million they'd paid for what it thought was category exclusivity. So TRU sued. And the judge agreed, mostly. Now they want to move out, and they want full online custody of the Babies [R Us], too.

What does this mean, you wonder, besides another round of countersuits? Don't you worry, dear readers, Whether it's via Amazon, TRU/BRU, both, none, or some other retailers, I'll do my best to make sure that I still make a nickel whenever you click through and order something you see on DaddyTypes. Pre-school's not getting any freer, you know.

Toys 'R' Us Prevails in Divorce [ via dt reader david, of bumpershine]

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