March 3, 2006

Fast Company Brings You: The BabySuit


Another installment from the "wait, haven't I been reading this article for the last ten years, too?" department: this time a classic bubble-era fluff-piece on how all us businessfolk are ignoring demographics at our own peril!. ["there are no courses on demographics at Harvard Business School or Wharton, for example," There are no courses on PowerPoint, either, but it doesn't mean it's not used everywhere.]

Anyway, the article's non-content is irrelevant, except as it served to inspire photographer Phil Toledano to create this, his masterpiece: The BabySuit.

May Fast Company live to publish another 10 glorious years.

The Demographic Hourglass [FastCompany via youngmanhattanite]
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Expect to see Flea wearing a variation of that in the next Red Hot Chili Peppers video.

I disagree with you on the demographics message. Technically, I can read a physics equation, that doesn't mean I understand it. And, just like PowerPoint, knowing that you can use it or how to use it, doesn't mean you're using it properly (20 bullet point per page presentations anyone?).

It's also amazing that with just two kids that sometimes I still feel like I have the babysuit on...

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