March 3, 2006

Art Bargains For Your Nursery?

Just flipping through the catalogue for next week's contemporary art auction at Phillips de Pury. I'm not gonna bid on anything...I think...but quite a few pieces caught my eye:

warhol_apple.jpg warhol_terrier.jpg

These two Andy Warhol paintings--of an apple and a puppy-- are from a series of 12 he did in 1983 for a children's book. I've posted about it here before, right after the whole set sold for EUR380,000. The pre-sale estimate is only $30-40,000 a piece. If buying the whole set scared you off in 2004, now's your chance. Of course, the book's only $23.


Can I say I'd completely forgotten how hot I thought The Dazzler was when she showed up in the X-Men? If $3-4,000 is a pretty steep price for a life-sized vinyl wall decal, throw in a signed certificate declaring it an early work of art by Assume Astro Vivid Focus, and it's practically a steal.

And... well, that's really it. I was really just looking for an excuse to post that picture of The Dazzler. Phillips dePury's auction goes down March 14 starting at 10AM.

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