March 2, 2006

News From The Front In The War On Drugs

I had jury duty today, got called into voir dire for a coke case (possession with intent to distribute). I was #59 of 60 in the jury pool, and I had my whole Traffic speech ready, and yeah, ask me point blank and I can't help but admit I'll be fair and impartial, but the whole overcriminalization of drug use thing is costing this nation far too much and the law is applied with wild inequity based on race and socioeconomic factors, and--but by the end of the day, they'd only gotten through 50 or so of the pool, so they let the last 8 of us go.

Which is all a roundabout way of saying I had some posts pre-loaded to show up and make it look like I was just lounging in front of the ol' laptop all day, but then when I got home tonight, none of them had shown up. I, I'm sorry. I was trying to deceive you, to hide my real situation. I blame the drugs.


Leaving your poor withdrawing blog addicts to scrounge around for a fix elsewhere....

I actually got a deferral from jury duty when I was the at-home caregiver for our daughter. My wife went back to work 5 weeks post-partum(!), and I was taking time off to take care of the kid. When I went to the court clerk's office to get my deferral, they actually looked up my wife in some master-computer and then changed her file to exclude her from using the same excuse. (Just in case anyone thought they might try to use the excuse for both mommy and daddy.)

Henry, that's good to know. I have jury duty next week, and if they call me, my SAHD status forces my wife to take time off, and she sure isn't going to get reimbursed for that time.

I hope it goes smoothly and they let us go, but I've got the whole slew of reasons ready, the main being my two 11 month old daughters.

Anyone else who stays home have any jury duty experience?

Hey guys, I got one deferral for not having another source of childcare but apparently that was my one. They have called me again and notified me that my previous "excuse" will not be accepted again for inability to serve. I'm all for doing my civic duty but I'm damned if the $20 they give me for the day will reimburse my husband for the day he has to take off of work. In this day and age you'd think they'd have childcare for jurists. I bet it would increase 10 fold the amount of people who could serve.

I am on Jury Duty. The court officers couldn't have been nicer finding me some privacy to pump over lunch. But now we are deliberating (Monday 3/7 will be day 3) and I'm using the restroom in the deliberation room. My jury colleagues are quite respectful (or glad to drop deliberations for 20 minutes). This restroom isn't so fun and has no electrical outlets, so its the Avent Isis keeping me comfortable and the baby nurished.

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