March 1, 2006

Breast Bounce Simulator


Maybe you've noticed someone near you is experiencing enlarged breasts--it's been known to happen during pregnancy and after giving birth, especially if there's breastfeeding involved.

Now you can precisely quantify the amount of incremental bounce-age for those new breasts, thanks to the Shock Absorber Bounce-o-meter, a computer simulation produced by a UK sports bra manufacturer. Just input the cup size, and the activity level (from yoga to horseriding, but no "staggering to kitchen on two hours sleep"). Then repeat for the newly engorged breast size and watch the difference in either Lara Croft-style CG or scientifical wireframe versions.

The Bounce-o-meter data is based on the University of Portsmouth's 2004 Shock Absorber Breast Movement Study. The University reports that the intern waitlist for the Summer 2007 followup study is full.

Shock Absorber Bounce-o-meter [ via boingboing. heh]

Related: my wife swears that the only actually good, comfortable, useful nursing bra is by Bravado. The rest gave her a heck of a time.


Your wife is right on the money with the Bravado. They were the only ones that worked for me.

I'm sure you were just hoping to give your dad's a thrill with that flash but damn if I didn't just up and buy one of those. Sorry you didn't get any click through cash!

[hey, a 75% reduction in breast movement is reward enough for me. -ed.]

This site brings back memories of college... of course I am referring to physics classes...

That's a really cool animation. Turned me on a bit to be honest too!

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