February 27, 2006

Unidentified Local Man Does Happy Baby, Takes Care Of Kid, Sears

stephen_malkmus_tokion.jpgIn the latest issue of Tokion magazine, unidentified local man demonstrates Ananda Balasana, the Happy Baby Pose and talks about his day:

So what is your day-to-day life like in Portland?
I wake up early and watch the kid until about ten. Then her mom gets up--she always has to get up and nurse her in the night. She's addicted to tit. Then I go down to the coffee shop and get a New York Times or read the one for free and have coffee and come back here and do internet stuff. I saw the Werner Herzog movie yesterday. I play darts on Sunday wiht a bunch of beer drinkers, and they play Guided By Voices and stuff on the jukebox. I play softball with the kids here on Sunday, Sunday is my day of social games and beer. Other than that, it's the kid and cooking. It's that kind of life. Sorry. It's not that interesting.
And about his job helping down-on-their-luck retailers:
I hear that your song 'Phantasies' is in a Sears Commercial.
For better or worse. In the course of four days, I got these emails saying, 'Let's do this.' It was on email, so it was like not real. They said it would only run for four days, because it's a sale or something, so I was like, 'Well, no one is ever going to see it.' It's not for a lot of money--like $5,000 or something, which isn't that much to sell your sould four--and I think I have to give half of that to Matador. My friends that watch ESPN have been emailing me saying that they saw the ad and that I'll be paying for the tuition for my child with that. I was like, 'I ight get my car fixed or now I can fill it with gas.'

I think it's cool. Why not have good music in commercials?
I feel bad for Sears, anyway, becuase they have these new Targets and Home Depot and stuff. They're trying to change their logo to make it more like Target or Home Depot. Trying to keep up with them. I just feel bad for them.scans via Goldenfiddle [goldenfiddle]

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Your "unidentified man" is like a cross between "area man" in the onion and a blind item in the NY post.

[Thanks, I think. It's probably gonna hurt the Google results, but that's how DT's gonna roll for a while. -ed.]

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