February 27, 2006

DT Comparison Shopper: Bathmat or Chelsea Loft?


Daddy Types is here to help make the tough decisions a new parent faces. Like should you buy the Blues Clues sunshade with suction cups you have to install yourself [$5] or the BMW 760Li, the only model that comes with full automatic sunshades standard [$130,000]?

This week, the real question isn't whether you should buy a bathmat [$11] or a loft with a radiant heating system installed under the master bathroom suite's marble floors [from $2.2million]. Look at that floor; you're gonna need both.

No, the question is, if you just dropped $1,000/sf for your apartment, are you really only going to spend $1,000 for the bathroom flatscreen?

Trends in Real Estate Advertising: 'Warm Buns' [curbed]


I just checked Altair's website. That flat screen TV in the bathroom comes with the apartment. Now, that's a deal, no?

I'm gonna go out on a limb and say warm floor or not you're gonna need the bath mat, it's not so much for comfort as it is for safety.
Trust me on this one. I made the mistake not too long ago of attempting to stand a wet baby on a non-bathmatted floor and well... let's just say though hilarious in retrospect, the floppy baby results were not at all pretty!

And as for the flatscreen... Who REALLY has time to watch television in the tub anyway???

My question is why is this woman using the television to babysit her baby so she can take a bath?? I mean... where's the nanny?!?

I don't see any glare off the marble; she must have spec'd the automatic sunshades.

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