February 24, 2006

Gay Parents Are Gay Parents, Except They Call Them Le Gay Parents

A French court has granted parental rights to both partners in a same-sex couple, not just to the parent with a biological connection to the child.

But as far as I can tell [from a cursory read of a wire service story], at least one parent needs to be related to the kid. It's still illegal for gay couples to adopt in France, a situation which, if better known among conservative anti-gay adoption activists in the US, might cause their heads to explode with cognitive dissonance. Just sayin'.

France gives gay couples joint parental rights [reuters via towleroad]

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The French Supreme Court just said that : the mother, the only beneficiary of the parental authority, can grant part or all the parental authority to the other partner.

The court did not recognized the existence of two complete parental authorities to each of the partners.

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