February 23, 2006

Leaked: New Audi Allroad Photos

new_audi_allroad.jpg money_burning.jpg

The new Audi Allroad Quattro will debut at the Geneva Auto Show, but photos started popping up on the autofanblogscape today. Here is a side-by-side comparison with a photo of the current Allroad.

Also being unveiled at Geneva: the 4.2 liter, 420 hp RS4 Avant. It's practically begging you to call it a chick car now. Just one word outta you, pal, and she'll-- I mean, he'll--

Check out Eurocarblog for more official pics of the Allroad and the RS4 Avant [eurocarblog.com via jalopnik]
Previous Auditalk on DT


HA! Love the comparison!! hilarious and couldn't agree with you more. you car updates rock.

I live in Geneva, but I've never been to the auto show, is it worth the entrance fee? I'm not a huge car buff but I do think they are neat.

[eh, I doubt it, but then I've never been, either. -ed.]

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