February 23, 2006

Japanese Reporter Pimps Out Breastfeeding Cat

Still trying to triangulate this one to figure out who's weirder:
a) the breastfeeding cat
b) the child-free women who let it latch on on camera
c) the female reporter who's pimping the cat out around the country
d) the middle aged male producers who decided that this makes for good TV

Either way, non-lactivists may want to eschew this video around the workplace.

Japanese Cat Feeder [videobomb via boingboing]


i have to admit that i assumed the commenter on videobomb was onto something when he questioned whether it was not, in fact, from a television show but in reality "...from a 1991 porn AV video..." ( curiously specific reference, no? )

but it seems that this is not that unusual on japanese broadcast television?

not that i watched it, of course. i just heard people talking about it.

[the in-studio emcee at the end and the studio audience laughtrack make me think it's actually TV, that, and the fact that Japanese TV is totally warped. -ed.]

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