February 23, 2006

Dutch Chair Allows Kids To Draw On Paper--Or Carpet

friis_paper_chair.jpgI think Charlotte Friis' design for a Children's Paper Chair is more a conceptual exercise than an actual product. The idea is that the paper lasts for five years, and as it dwindles, the seat gets lower at about the same time the kid gets bigger. [And yet, there it was at the Milan furniture fair in 2004...]

What no one talks mentions is the conceptual elegance of having all your kid's drawings archived sequentially on the takeup roll. The flipside: any magnet strong enough to hold a 500m long drawing to the fridge will also yank the fillings out of your teeth and the pacemaker out of grandpa's chest. Consider yourselves warned.

Also largely unmentioned so far: the carpet variation of the chair, which somehow retains all the form and absolutely none of the functionality of the paper one [except sitting. against the backside of a rug.] Look for chairs made out of fruit rollups and bacon once the weather gets a little warmer.

Children's Paper Chair [charlottefriis.com via gizmodo and dt reader karl]

1 Comment

Was there also a forum between the sexes to decide if the roll of paper was to be hung "paper in or paper out"?

[good point, because it's obviously backwards on both sides. -ed.]

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