February 21, 2006

Baby Boom Contributes To Hamptons Summer Rental War?

Uh, I guess I'm not going to dispel the notion that I'm writing for an elitist demographic this week...

According to one realtor talking to the NY Post, one of the reasons there's a run on good summer rentals in the Hamptons this year: "a lot of pregnant women looking to rent with their husbands." See, they'd normally travel to St. Tropez and what not, only, this summer they can't and so-- I give up. If you need me, I'll be at Costco. Hotdog/soda combo, $1.50.

Summer Stock [nypost via gawker, what, you think I read the Post myself?]

[update: the nearest Costco to the Hamptons is in Holbrook, LI, which may be better known as Exit 62]


Two hot dogs, soda and potato chips at Ikea: $3. That's how I roll.

In Knoxvegas it's Kosher Hot Dog and drink combo One-Fidty. Word!

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