February 19, 2006

Pancake Mountain: Serious Value For Your Parenting Dollar

blueberryboy.jpgI've posted before how the kid's in love with Blueberry Boy, this little animated kid who lives on Pancake Mountain. dot com. So yesterday morning, she's all asking for Blueberry Boy, Blueberry Boy, when I notice on PM's website that they're kicking off a series of Saturday morning screenings of the show, five bucks, so on a whim, we hustled off to The Warehouse, a club across the street from the [horrible new] convention center.

Pancake Mountain is the Fugazi of children's television: oddball, cool, indie to a fault, proudly underrecognized, and somehow surviving in Washington DC. It's not on television nearly as much as it should be--I'd never seen a full episode before yesterday--but considering it's the labor of love of a handful of local rocker parents, it does pretty well.

Basically, the show rocked. It was low-tech, but funny, and the music is really great: Thievery Corporation, Uncalled4, Fiery Furnaces, Eyeball Skeleton, Scissor Sisters, Henry Rollins [who doesn't sing, btw.] The kid sits hypnotized by The Wiggles, and I think it's now safe to say "Wiggles now asleep, shh shh shh" around our house. Within two minutes of PM, she was up and moshing around in front of the screen with a small horde or 2.5-4 year olds. [There was a 1yo, too, who could really dance, but since she's not walking yet, much less moshing, she hung back with her parents.]

In almost two hours, the only time the kid stopped moving was when her idol, Blueberry Boy, appeared on the screen. On the way out, I ended up buying two DVD's, ep1&2 and 3&4 for $10 a piece. They'll be birthday presents next week. Total outlay for the morning: $25, or one thin dollar more than buying the same DVD's online. I consider that a dollar well-spent.

Pancake Mountain DVD's are a mere $12 each. TWELVE DOLLARS.
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Thank you for reminding me about these guys. I just received the DVD in the mail after reading your post on the 19th and my 17 month old daughter absolutely loves it. My 3.5 yo boy however told me to turn off "daddy's show." My wife loved it to -- so THANKS.

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