February 19, 2006

Mazda5 Ad Features A, What, A DILF?

The guy walks through a high school halway, and all the girls he passes check him out. They start with coy eye contact, but then their gaze lowers. When we finally see his face, whoa, that guy's kind of old...
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There Is Now A Miffy Museum.

Just goes to show you, there's more than one way to lock in your spot in the history of children's book art. Possibly because he was afraid of getting shanked by revisionist children's book art historians in the aphid-friendly future,...
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Pancake Mountain: Serious Value For Your Parenting Dollar

I've posted before how the kid's in love with Blueberry Boy, this little animated kid who lives on Pancake Mountain. dot com. So yesterday morning, she's all asking for Blueberry Boy, Blueberry Boy, when I notice on PM's website that...
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The Blogfathers: It's Strictly Parenting Business

For someone with Laid Off in his name, Doug's sure keeping busy. Looks like the teeth have come in at the Opinionated Parenting joint he does for Oxygen!, and this week he [joined the newly] launched The Blogfathers, a group...
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"So Mom, Have You Looked At The Blog Today?"

New dad-to-be Allen chose his birthday brunch to tell his mother that he and his wife Elaine are having a baby, Then he posted the videotaped reaction from Grandma-to-be. It's pretty awesome. Not shown: the scene about half an hour...
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