February 16, 2006

Yet Another Giggletastic Deal From Huggies and Amazon

huggies_giggletastic.jpgForget the landfills; Amazon is trying to stuff your house full of diapers. It's like they're trying to buy their way to the top of the diaperselling business, one $30 gift certificate at a time.

Until Feb 28th, Amazon is offering a $30 Amazon gift certificate when you make one, gargantuan purchase ($99) of Huggies brand products. [See qualifying products and details about the certificate here.]

The last Huggies promotion, a $30 certificate for a $79 order, was in November, so you can see how they're trying to space the deals out--and nudge you along toward bigger purchases.

And while I've heard one report of a missing certificate, I haven't heard much about how people are liking these bulk order-cash later deals. Any firsthand accounts worth sharing?

Buy $99 of Huggies, Get $30 AmazonCash, offer expires Feb. 28 [amazon]


Got the $30 gift certificate as promised, and put it toward a fancy-pants rice cooker that I'm going to use for the first time tonight. I don't know how the UPS guy feels about schlepping cases of diapers up my driveway but it's sure convenient. I'll be doing the Amazon thing again this month. Thanks for the tip last time.

We received our certificate for our November purchase as promised and I went ahead and placed a sufficient order to receive the new certificate. It works great for us as we have Amazon Prime, so shipping is free. Now our UPS guy is probably cursing us as he has the pleasure of lugging big boxes of diapers up to our porch. Better him than us!

you know, i didn't remember until i saw your post that we did this in november and never got the gift cert! you think i have any recourse?

[who knows, but it's definitely worth an email to Amazon to find out. There may be some fine print about how it was just waiting for you in your account and oops, it's expired now, but otherwise they should hold up their end of the deal -ed.]

Great tip! Our trips to Costco have declined. We received our certificate and promptly put it to use again. We find the multiple box deliveries help us stock not only our house, but Grammy's house too, which helps resolve the storage issue.

ps our ups man must feel our front steps are not safe, so he takes them through the snow to the back patio door. Good news/bad news- it took a week for us to realize we had a 3-month supply of diapers on the back porch, no fault to Amazon or UPS.

Marjorie -- check your junk box -- the certificate is emailed to you and perhaps your email client junked it.

We did this when they had the deal for Seventh Generation stuff. Unfortunately, Amazon's prices were also about 20% higher than at the local Whole Foods, which still left it a deal but not as good as it seemed at first.

No problem getting the credit later, though.

We took advantage of the drugstore.com deal you mentioned a few months ago for 1/2 price 7th Generation diapers. It was our first try w/ the 7th Gen. diapers and we're going through the last of them now. The 7th Gens have turned out to be fun for the whole family as we draw on the diaper (before putting it on) to distract the boy from the unpleasantry occurring below. I've produced some pretty authentic trains and Babar the elephant, although my guitars unintentionally bear a resemblance to Picasso's cubist period guitars.

My wife I did the last deal and loved it, got the certificate on time. We will do it this time before the end of the month since we are just about out.

(just 'cause i know you're on tenterhooks: i emailed amazon about not getting my original gift cert back in feb.--i'm sure it did end up in the spam filter, which is automatically emptied--today they sent a replacement gift cert that expires at the end of the month. oh, i loves me the amazon.)

So I took advantage of the 7th generation awhile back (although we hated the diapers...they're so big and bulky. They're about twice as wide as they need to be...but quite good looking, I suppose, compared to the sesame street pampers we settled on. But who sees the diapers anyway? but we like their detergent. but I lose focus...) and I started an order using the certificate I was sent, but didn't ultimately go through with the order. Still, when I later tried to make another purchase, they had deducted the money from that previous order anyway. I know it's some kind of glitch, but I was kind of annoyed. Oh well. It was basically free money anyway so whatever.

Yeah, Pampers had a similar deal for $20 in November (and for $30 before that). I did both deals, but didn't read the fine print the first time. The gift certificate, which took forever to arrive, had an incredibly short lifespan, like 3 weeks or something. At the time I got it, I didn't need anything from amazon.com (which is rare), and when I finally got around to using it, it had expired. So, I wrote amazon.com and they gave me a $10 courtesy GC with a longer expiration date. This time, I will be more vigilant and use the GC within the short window. Oh yeah, my second GC still hasn't come yet, order was placed in November, I emailed customer service and was told it should arrive between Feb 11 and Feb 25, so they are really pushing the envelope.

once again I never received the gift certificate, just like last time. Both times I have been extremely careful to read every email from amazon.com, only to find that I have to go through a lot of emails and phone calls in order to get the $30. It is a great deal if it works, but I wonder if it is worthwhile, or is just a way to get me to read all of the amazon.com advertisements that show up in my in-box.

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