February 13, 2006

BlowDaddy.com, or Missing Daddytypes.com's Second Birthday

So I get at least two emails a week from godaddy.com notifying me that some domain or another I own is set to renew automatically in 90 days, 60 days.... 5 days, etc. But for some reason, not only did they not automatically renew daddytypes.com, I never got jack from them the domain expiring. So this morning's "this domain name expired on 2/8/06" crap was a total sideswipe.

If you're considering a domain registrar, take my advice and DON'T choose it by the presence of "daddy" in the name. Godaddy's the worst registrar I've ever dealt with. Except, of course, for the others: Register.com and NSI.

So, um, happy birthday kid; sorry I didn't get you anything.


FWIW, I've been incredibly happy with PairNIC. Not the cheapest, but great service and very geek-friendly.

I've been happy with the rather affordable AITDomains.com.

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