February 11, 2006

Sims2 Baby Gear


Eclectic Sims
is a design shop that produces items for the younger characters in The Sims2. The selection includes baby clothes, too, but most of the products are for decorating Sims nurseries. Some items are created from scratch, while others--like a lot of crib and changing table designs--are adapted from standard Sims equipment already in the game.

It's pretty remarkable how authentic it all seems; by which I mean that 95% of the products are as tacky, plasticky, and cutesy character-covered as baby products in the real world. There are whale-shaped cribs' cartoon-upholstered strollers [above, right]; replicas of bright, noisy plastic toys; and Muppet-y diapers. So far, I can find no Bugaboo.

Still, there are a couple of design standouts. This custom-ordered steel/plexi hospital bassinet is awesome; I'd just been asking a friend who started his Obstetrics rotation to track down mfr info for these. [And look, up in the corner, it's the Sims dad changing the Sim baby's diaper.] Besides, that, of course, I'm a sucker for a brightly colored foam tile alphabet floor...

Check Eclectic Sims and ModtheSims2 to buy more virtual gear. They're usually a few bucks, or a few bucks a month for gear subscription sites.

PS: Apparently, all Sims have unassisted home births. Hippies.


geil sind die möbel nicht wirklich aber egal

i love it how do i downlode it ???

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