February 8, 2006

Petit Bateau, the Gritty Urban Edition, by Christophe Leroux

petit_bateau_colette.jpgNow we love us some Petit Bateau. The kid had these footsie trapdoor pajamas from PB that were just adorable; to change a diaper, the whole bottom half opened from her lower back and hinged upward, like one of those trucks where the whole cab tilts forward to reach the engine. The fabrics are nice, the quality's great,

But even though we live within toddling range of the store--and Jacadi and Bonpoint--PB's always seemed a little too Greenwich-cutesy and traditional for our taste, so we've always kept one foot on the fashion shore.

Now, though, it looks like Petit Bateau's getting a little Batofar [look it up]. They commissioned French artist Christophe Leroux to design a few pieces in his trademark industrial shipping style. Call it Petit Oil Tanker. No word on sizes and there are no bodysuits, so I can't tell if these are actually for babies or kids, but there's a bloomer? diaper cover? a t-shirt, and a marcel. [which is French for 'beater. That's one word worth adopting.]

Prices: EUR50, 100, and 85 respectively, and they're only available at Colette, 10 Corso Como in Milan--and the eyeglasses store, Bond 07 by Selima in NYC. [cue music: two of these things belong together...]

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