February 8, 2006

Putting The Nanny On The Books

What with tax season and all, those parents who paid their caregivers more than $1,400 last year are looking at the withholding taxes their supposed to file and pay--and deciding whether they're gonna do it. The BusinessWeek Working Parents blog...
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Alphabet Tiles In Your Driveway

Judging by the comments and my email, I have not been the only one with alphabet floor mats on the brain. They seem to embody the love it/hate it march of primary colored kidstuff across new parents' once-sophisticated lives. There...
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This Just In: IKEA Continues To Spread

DT reader JJ sent this in, from The Onion Radio. My favorite part is that the story is "brought to you by Chili's": Ikea Claims Another 10,000 Lifestyles [theonion.com]...
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ducduc + DWR UES Sun. Feb. 12

Apartment Therapy calls it a "design lecture," DWR calls it "brunch." I call it, "a tasteful orange cribload of bagels on my stoop." But whatever it is, Brady Wilcox, David Harris, and Philip Erdoes, the co-founders of ducduc will be...
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Petit Bateau, the Gritty Urban Edition, by Christophe Leroux

Now we love us some Petit Bateau. The kid had these footsie trapdoor pajamas from PB that were just adorable; to change a diaper, the whole bottom half opened from her lower back and hinged upward, like one of those...
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Starck Maclaren Goes On View At Colette

According to the Colette newsletter for February, the Philippe Starck Maclaren stroller went on exclusive preview in the store starting Monday. As Colette puts it, Les poussettes Starck pour Maclaren, allient merveille la puissance visuelle du design et...
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Think Of The Children???

"THE birth of the world's sexiest baby is still two or more months away..." [nypost] As DT reader Matt points out, this is the GROSSEST LEDE EVER....
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