February 7, 2006

This Is Less Funny After Episode II

See, The Onion thought they were so smart and funny, but now we know that all the kids on the Death Star are Jango Fett clones, so this isn't realistic at all. Hah.

Death Star To Open Day Care Center [orig pub. the onion, jul96, via wikipedia]


Yeah... and we all know that the picture is of the SUper Death Star of Episode VI, not the Death Star of Episode IV which is mentioned in the article (watching Alderan go blewie). Oh... that makes me so sad.

As I tell my kid..."I am your Father"

p.s. I wonder if James Earl Jones' kids get the hebbie-jebbies when he says that to them?

love that onion article. but man, that is one creepy web site (and it's chomping the onion's copyright, no?). way to be judgmental, peeps. for some people, daycare is the best (or only) option.

[yeah, sorry, I should've given a warning about that link, but that link had the Onion photos that made my joke work (or not, I'll grant that possibility). Daycare might be better than staying home with an embittered parent with an axe to grind, too. -ed.]

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