February 2, 2006

DT Changing Table Google Map Mashup, v0.9

OK, thanks to Jason's quick eye for spotting coding anomalies, I've gotten all but about ten of the NYC Men's Room Changing Table posts mapped onto Google Maps. I'm still tweaking on it, and will be adding some more functionality [searching, listing, printing, automatic user-submissions] soon [heh], but the basics are there.

Hopefully, it's more informative; it's certainly more revealing: even though I lived there for years, I almost never went anywhere on the Upper East Side. Go figure.

Daddy Types Google Map Mash-up: NYC men's room changing tables, v0.9 [dt]


Fort Wayne ?

[yeah, and it still doesn't work in IE, either. As if anyone needed ANOTHER reason to switch to Firefox... -ed.]

Dude, it came out great! Seriously. Job well done. I love it. Is there any way to download it onto a Blackberry or PDA?

[thanks. I'm working on a csv file, which should be easily readable and search/sortable by zipcode, table/notable, neighborhood, etc. on pda, blackberry, and gps. I hope to have it ready, oh, before Sunday... -ed.]

Great map - I can't believe all the work you've put into it. On a sad note, though, I discovered (while heavily pregnant - terrible timing!) that the Krispy Kreme on 72nd Street closed, so now it REALLY doesn't have a place for a dad to change a kid.

Or a pregnant woman to get a donut.


[Uhoh. I knew the 23rd st store was gone. But then, they didn't have a changing table, and they were a menace to some friends who live in the bldg. -ed.]

Ft. Wayne, Indiana?

[uh,yeah. that happens sometimes. you may need to reload, clear out your cache--or switch to firefox... sorry. -ed.]

Congrats on the mention of your daddy-diapering project in the NYT today! (:

you're a "dyed-in-the-cashmere metrosexual"?

Congrats on the writeup, Greg! Maybe you can figure out a way to come up with a program similar to Młętro (http://www.nanika.net/Metro), I'm sure other dads like you would love it.

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