January 31, 2006

Sigh. Groovy 1970 Car Seat From VW


Check out this sweet, Verner Panton-esque car booster seat, which was featured in the 1969 and 1970 Volkswagen accessories catalogues.

The full page is available here, at kdf-wagen.de, which has scans of nearly all the printed matter pertaining to air-cooled VW's.
Another favorite: This 1970 brochure for the VW Bus/Station Wagon. [kdf-wagen.de via coudal]


Awesome - now I have to find one, since I already have the 1970 Station Wagon Deluxe to go with it.

A 1970 VW bug was my family's car for over 20 years. My parents bought it new in Germany (I was in utero), drove it to Greece where they were living, and eventually imported it to the U.S. when we moved. I'm convinced that growing up in/with that car gave me whatever design sense I have today. But why, oh why couldn't they have sprung for this seat?! I feel cheated of my birthright somehow.

[I'd say you're lucky you made it through alive, but I don't know how much that chair could've done for you anyway. -ed.]

Awesome. It's listed right next to the cigarette lighter.

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