January 30, 2006

Wow, Holland, That Is One Eco-Friendly, Family-Friendly Bike! What's It Called?


Could the Dutch possibly be any more innovative and progressively minded? I mean, wow, not only does this sweet bike have a place for the gear or groceries, it also has places for up to three kids, ages 9 months to 5 years! The environmental impact of these things must be tremendous; every family should have one. I mean, the Dutch are clearly leading the world in terms of family-friendly design and technology, and this awesome bike is just one more example. What's it called? Uh-huh, and what's that translate to in English?

Moederfiets, EUR1,145 [in Dutch, via treehugger]


Crikey! If I was at the helm of that thing, the kiddies would most certainly have to be wearing helmets and there would be a monster sweat stain down the middle of my back.

Hey, thanks for the link!

Seriously, that thing is incredible. There should be some sort of required training course before you can get your "Motherbike certification." That woman is not messing around. Sheesh.

What if you tipped over? I can't imagine the carnage! Besides my own phobias, it's a great idea. My dad always rode us to work on his bike when I was little, this would have made it a lot easier.

[1) Holland is all flat and soft, so tipping over is no worse than landing in the ball pit at IKEA. 2) this is a Motherbike, so your dad would have been ineligible to ride it. -ed.]

From what I remember, the only people who wear bicycle helmets in Holland are the really sports oriented athletic bicyclists. No one who is just going from one lace to another would want to mess up their hair.

Then again, it's the same thing in bicycle friendly Davis, CA.

I think Monica's right on the sweat stain -- that's hauling at least 80 pounds right there!

And when they're older, they graduate to one of these:


God love the Dutch.

[no. way. -ed.]

Oh, man! But where are the daddybikes? I think I just earned a new obsession...

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