January 28, 2006

Names I Hadn't Thought Of Until Now

Weather [the kid's taken to anthropomorphizing weather lately, especially if I blame him (i.e., "Weather") for why we can't go to the playground: "Weather's outside." "Hold Weather's hand, make Weather feel better." Of course, there is weatherman Storm Field (named by his weatherman father Frank), who may be old enough to miss the taunts that Storm is a girl's name. A girl mutant's name.]

Motif [was just explaining to the kid how those aren't real snowflakes on her footie pajamas, real snowflakes aren't purple, that's a snowflake motif, and I thought, "that's a nice-sounding word, probably too tempting for some parent-to-be to pass up." Kool Motif.]

Meanwhile, this just in: Rae [a name that was on our shortlist, btw, kind of a family name, kind of not] reports from the Please Touch Museum in Philadelphia, that "Marco Polo would be proud":

Samurai (girl)
Abacus (boy) [In Japanese, it's called soroban, which reminds me that the hottest member of Bananarama, Siobhan Fahey, was also the flakiest, seeing as how she ditched them for Dave Stewart.]


You missed "Atari" as a girl's name.

... as a girl's name
Origin: Scandinavian
Meaning: Female Deer

It is not common but it is a proper name. My neice is named Rae. It is not like Apple or Motif. But it is a name.

[true true. Rae was NOT a name I hadn't thought of, though. -ed.]

Wait a minute. I thought Doe was a female deer and Rae was a drop of golden sun??

{and Origin is a registered trademark of the Estee Lauder company -ed.]

I liked Hurricane for a boy ... the wife didn't agree.

My wife always jokes that Colander sounds like a good name for a boy.

How about Malaria? Or Citronella?

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