January 27, 2006

Hey You Guys!! The Electric Company On DVD

electric_company_dvd.JPGWeird timing, huh? A 4-disc box set of complete episodes of The Electric Company is coming out February 7th. I know that this was/is/has been [?] on Noggin in the last few years, so it's not like renovating the rumpus room at your parents' and finding an original Boba Fett mini-fig still in the package behind some woodgrain panelling, but still.

Not only will this series contribute to a fuller understanding of the pre-Driving Miss Daisy era of Morgan Freeman's oeuvre, the DVD extras may reveal what it's like 30 years after everyone you worked with went on to Hollywood fame and glory. to have everyone around you go on to fame and fortune. [Anything to add, Winnie? Crank? Actually from the on-camera side, only one kid from The Short Circus is on there, plus Rita Moreno.]

Now that this is out of the way, we can move on to Sesame Street.

Twenty-five episodes, four DVD's, The Best of The Electric Company drops Feb. 7, $35 at Amazon. [amazon]


Sweet! Another cool childhood memory I can bore my daughter with!

She's only 18 mos and is already bored by Space Invaders (daddy! why don't you shoot a hole through one of the shields and hide behind there?).

[no kidding. I have a feeling TEC's a little beyond the baby/toddler's grasp. -ed.]

for $35, I think I can get this. Build up the repertoire, but if the quality is like the image that Greg showed, then I guess you're getting what you pay for... yikes.

My dad said he wanted to get me and my daughters Pee-wee's Playhouse. We used to watch it together back in the 80s. And all gross Pee-wee jokes aside, that was such a bizarrely psychedelic wonderful show, and i mean Lawrence Fishburn as a Cowboy? oh yeah!

[dude, that's a downgraded screengrab from a quicktime trailer. Although I'm sure the show will have the authentic 70's tv image quality. -ed.]

This makes perfect sense, though. It's the same reason NBC is churning out all 9 seasons of Little House On the Prairie: because 35 year olds are remembering it and buying it. And they're buying not only for the nostalgia, but because it's a safe show for kids to watch and parents are searching for products they know and remember learning from.

I bet in 5 years, we'll start seeing Nickelodeon doing the same thing, although I'm not really anxious to see that.

Oh, man, I used to have a crush on the Nellie Olsen...

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