January 25, 2006

La Machine A Caca, aka Monsieur Hanky


Breastmilk isn't one of the options, but bananas are. And while it's not set up to allow input of only bananas, any potassium-bingeing athlete or parent of an 8-month-old knows the result.

La Machine a Caca is a flash animation where you put foods into the machine, pull the lever, and watch to see what kind of poo comes out. It's narrated by a French version of Mr. Hanky, who wears a tie and glasses, but no beret. Still, you can tell he's French because if you get the right combination, he says, "Voila! Un caca parfait!" And isn't that what we all want, um, in the end?

La Machine a Caca [eyes and ears, via wonderland]

1 Comment

Someone PLEASE make a translated version!!!!! Though the sound effects are universal.

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